In the bathrooms, people come together and the life of the building requires the existence of water.

The first place where water is present is the pools that are above the level of the bath and at the level of the roof of the bath so that water enters the bath with pressure. By the wheel of the well (Chakhe Chah), water was poured from the source (Qanat shaft) by the cow and from the Gavro route to the pond.

These ponds had a valve that, when opened, water entered the building through clay pipes (Tanbooshe) and was poured into the pond.

The baths are usually lower than the ground level and have a complex entrance and Miandar space.

 Water and Sarbine:

Water  first enters the Sarbine space. Sarbineh is usually the highest, most colorful and brightest bathroom space, and water is in the middle of this space.

The water in Sarbineh is cool. this space is the outermost part of the bath after the entrance and the hot water is in the inner part of the bath.

Water in Sarbineh is used to wash your feet and get ready to enter other spaces. In Sarbineh, a person gradually gets used to the bath air and gets prepared to enter the Warmhouse (Garmkhane).

In addition to being a changing room for entering or leaving the bathroom, Sarbineh was also a gathering place for people, smoking hookah, talking, waiting, drinking tea, applying henna, cupping, and so on.


this part of the space, unlike other parts of the bathroom, is bright and the space is full of light. The abundant light of this space is from the ceiling and the water of the pool shines under this light.

The fountain of the pond is  the music of this space and gives a different quality to the activities that are done in this space.

Water and Garmkhane(Warm house Space):

The water in the Garmkhane is more for washing and has a different presence from the Sarbineh. The water tank (Khazine) has the highest temperature and provides all the hot water used in the bath.

Heating system in bathrooms:

Toon is the heating space of the bathroom that heats the water in the water tank (Khazine).

The baths are fueled by desert thorns, dry leaves and animal waste. The Toon provided access and fuel to the heat under the boiler room, and the Cats Way (Gorbe Ro). The Cats Way was connected to the chimneys and the chimneys were in the walls of Warm House (Garmkhane).  The chimneys suck the hot air of the Cat Way nets towards themselves and spread it all over the floor of the Warmhouse(Garmkhane).

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