Mohammad Mehdi Javadian-Zadeh

Acting Director


Mohammad Mehdi Javadian-Zadeh graduated from the University of water and power industry with a bachelor degree in civil engineering. He continued his training at Khajeh Nasir University where he received his master’s in civil engineering and eventually his PhD in water resources management. He specializes in mathematical models of water resources management on which his publications are focused. He has gained much experience working at both technical and managerial levels at the Iranian ministry of energy. At present, he is director general of Yazd Regional Water Authority and at the same time acting director of ICQHS.




Hossein Dehghani Firoozabadi



He holds a Master’s degree in economics from Yazd University. He has started his cooperation with the center in 2009. He is in charge of the financial affairs of the center.




Abbas Faghih Khorasani

Scientific Consultant


Abbas Faghih Khorasani is a PhD ABD of Sociology. Graduated in 3 BA degrees of Sociology, Philosophy and Persian Literature, he has continued his education in Sociology at the University of Tehran with a background in Electrical and Industrial Engineering. He was a postgraduate researcher at the University of Stirling, UK. His main field of work is social aspects of technology and environment. Based on his research on the Karez Civilization in Yazd – Iran, He tries to promote the social role of Qanat and other historical hydraulic technologies in the process of constructing Reflexive Modernization with a special emphasis on adaptive water consumption in the developing countries.




Seyyed Mohammad Jalili

Administrative Manager


Seyyed Mohammad Jalili holds a bachelor degree in governmental management. Prior to his cooperation with the center, he was employed by Yazd Regional Water Authority as personnel affairs manager, and later he was appointed to such posts as director deputy for finance and logistics, members of managing board, and advisor to director general. He retired in 2010, but ICQHS gained from his valuable experience by inviting him to cooperate with the center as administrative manager.




Majid Labbaf Khaneiki

Senior Researcher


Majid Labbaf Khaneiki specializes in social and historical aspects of water. He holds a PhD in human geography from University of Tehran with a dissertation on water cooperation in traditional agrarian communities.  He has so far authored or co-authored 13 books and numerous articles, all about traditional water management and technologies, water cooperation and hydro-sociology, like the books “Cultural Dynamics of Water in Iranian Civilization”, “Territorial Water Cooperation in the Central Plateau of Iran” and “Qanat Knowledge” published by Springer. He has also conducted or cooperated with over 20 research projects on water history and hydro-social systems in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India and Azerbaijan.  As a researcher, he has always tried to delve deeper into the social and cultural layers of water management systems from an interdisciplinary standpoint.





Elham Raee

Technical Advisor


She holds a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from Shiraz University. She has started his career in civil engineering as a member of Construction Engineering Organization in 2007. In addition to handling the affairs related to contracts that the center has with other research centers and companies, she also specializes in geotechnical engineering.






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