Holding the third international conference of the Scientific Association of Archeology of Iran

The third international conference of the Scientific Association of Archeology of Iran was held on May 26 and 27, 2024, in the hall of the Kowsar Cultural Center in Natanz.

In this event, Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Javadianzadeh, the head of the International Center On Qanats and Historic Hydraulic Structures, in his speech entitled "A rethinking of historic Hydraulic structures" pointed to the explanation of rethinking renovation and paying attention to it in water resource planning approaches. By examining the mission of hydraulics in the path of rethinking modernization, he evaluated the main components in the analysis of water resource systems. Dr. Javadianzadeh, accompanied by Dr. Elham Rai, presented his papre entitled "Response to human needs based on Maslow's pyramid in Karizi civilization; Case example: Bazab tourism route. He added: historic Hydraulic structures have not only provided the basic needs of people, they have gone beyond this limit, they have kept alive the feeling of security, social needs, belonging to water culture, respect and self-actualization. Using the perspective of Maslow's pyramid in evaluating the structure of historical water structures and their role in satisfying people's needs shows the completeness of Karizi society and the role of qanats in responding to the needs of Maslow's pyramid of needs in ancient Yazd.

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  News Date : 2024-05-31



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