Visiting Hassan Abad Qanat in line with UNESCOs Climate Change and Qanat project

On 07/26/2023, in line with conducting field investigations related to the project Investigation of the impact of climate change on UNESCO world heritage registered qanats in Iran, the respectful director of the center along with the experts, the manager, and colleagues of the project, and the manager and informants of Hassan Abad Moshir Qanat visited this qanat.

During this 6-hour visit, the historical water structures related to the qanat, the damaged places of the qanat due to various climatic, physical, natural, and human factors, and obtaining information related to the type of damage, and management plans to reduce the injuries were examined. Finally, it was decided that each project partner should prepare and present a report on the various relevant sections. It is worth noting that this report will be provided to UNESCO after approval, editing, and translation.

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  News Date : 2023-07-26




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