Inauguration of the second water tourism route in Yazd

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Javadianzadeh, the head of the International Center for Qanats and Historic Hydraulic Structures, said: "The second water tourism route of Yazd city named BAZAb was inaugurated and opened in the presence of the head of the UNESCO office in Tehran.

This water route starts from Koshkeno Water Mill and passes by Fahadan Mosque, Youzdaran Ab Anbar and Sangab, Fahadan Dyeing Workshop, Ziaiyeh School and the Tomb of the Twelve Imams and finally ends at Koshkeno Ab Anbar and Saghakhaneh. The director of ICQHS pointed out that all historical periods can be found on this route; as the Tomb of the Twelve Imams, is the oldest building in the city of Yazd with more than a thousand years old, and the Koshkeno Water Mill which is associated with the Qajar period, are considered part of this route.

According to Dr. Javadianzadeh, this tourist route is called " BAZAB " because the aim is to return to the respect and sanctity of water. He said: tourist routes are either sustainable or depend on the water in ancient Yazd, and in the past schools and mosques were located near the water route.

Mr. Ieng Srong, head of the UNESCO in Tehran office, further said, “ This route will be important for the city and people of Yazd, and by opening this route, tourists will be encouraged to visit it, which is part of the ancient context and has been included in the World Heritage. They will learn about the great effects of optimal water use in ancient Yazd”.

Mr. Ieng Srong said that “the establishment of such routes shows the importance of water in the management of the city of Yazd: Through such measures, the city of Yazd can show tourists the qanat system, which is a sustainable management of water conservation”.

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  News Date : 2024-03-12



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